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No shoes allowed on the gym floor. For kids, barefoot or non-slip socks. For adults, non-slip socks are required (available to purchase for your convenience).

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Our ROCKIN’ Equipment – The Swings

Let’s swing our attention over to an important category of equipment at We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym: The Swings! To ensure variety and excitement, all our gyms carry three types of swinging devices: the Carpet Swing, the Hammock Swing, and the Bolster Swing. Looking to get cozy? Sway on the plushy Carpet Swing or recline on the Hammock Swing! Want a bit more excitement? ROCK on the Bolster Swing and Carpet Swing to stimulate adrenaline. Whether your little one is looking for a thrill or just wants to relax, our sensory swings provide a variety of different sensory experiences to fit his/her needs.

“[The swings] are great because they promote a state of calmness, allowing children to focus, relax, and recharge to get ready for more playtime.” Lana Kharitonov, the owner of We Rock the Spectrum – Laguna Hills, says of the swings, which is one of their most popular items.

Play With A Purpose™

Play With A Purpose™ is our signature way of play designed to exercise the body’s seven senses. Our swings do just that by stimulating 4 out of the 7: sight, touch, proprioception, and the vestibular system.

  • Our sense of sight is trained as our eyes constantly focus on different points to keep up with our changing surroundings. This works the optic system and sharpens our vision.
  • Through different textures and areas for grip, the sense of touch is stimulated. The carpet swing’s soft, plushy texture and the cocoon-like nature of the hammock swing are both sensory inputs that fuel our body’s tactile processing. The hammock swing is especially essential for deep pressure stimulation, exerting gentle pressure all over for a calming effect. In addition, each swing features a different area for grip. On the Carpet Swing, your kid may hold onto the strong rope, while on the Bolster Swing, your kid may use the beam in order to maintain balance.
  • The proprioceptive system benefits while on the swings. This sense is the ability to orient our bodies without having to consciously think about where we are relative to our surroundings. The repetitive push and pull on the ropes are great motor planning and sequencing activities, improving the control of our body and its muscles. Overall, our body’s gross motor skills are developed in addition to our core muscles to help with balance.
  • Last but not least, the vestibular sense—our ability to know how to use our muscles in correlation with gravity—is intensified. With each swing, our view of the room changes, signaling to our brain that our body is in movement. Our body activates the proper response to movement to make sure our body stays balanced and safe on the swing. Fundamentally, our vestibular system keeps us upright and balanced so we can keep swinging!

Emotional and Social Development

Believe it or not, the swings are also a great solution to promoting healthy emotional and social development. Reclining and swinging rhythmically on any of our swings helps to relax and soothe any strong emotions your child may be feeling. Research has also shown that the deep pressure stimulation of the hammock swing increases serotonin levels, acting as a mood booster. Furthermore, the repetitive motion of the swings has an organizing effect on the brain.  They help children feel more “in balance”, leading to higher concentration while doing tasks like homework and reading. Swings are also great as a bonding activity. As our children work with others to push and pull the swing, they develop social and communication skills they can use in their day to day life.

Our swings are among the most relaxing pieces of equipment at our gyms. We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is the place to go to both stimulate and relax our senses. See the swings in action in the video below and check out how the different types of swings work and what our We Rockers have to say about it:

Learn more about all of our equipment and how it promotes healthy sensory development on our website: